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Citrus and cloves aren’t just for brewing up a spicy aroma anymore, we are loving that they are gaining popularity in Christmas decor! Friends and family enter the formal living area, elegantly decorated with garland over the fireplace featuring citrus accents and soft blue velvet ribbon. Family keepsakes and a nativity set are beautifully displayed within bookshelves. The Christmas tree is dripping with style! Glass teardrop ornaments glisten amongst traditional and sentimental ornaments for a very sophisticated look. A second fireplace is simply decorated with garland and the citrus accents we have come to love so much. Fresh greenery and even a few floral arrangements are sprinkled in all rooms of the home. Need a greenery refresh before a party or Christmas? This client takes advantage of our “greenery touch up” appointments for a quick and easy revamp before holiday events. The stairway leading up to the playroom is lined with garland and thin light blue ribbon. This precious playroom is home to a very special little tree. Here all the milestone ornaments, fun little dinos and penguins, and homemade decor is on full display! Rather than adding greenery to this space, twine garland is strung with Christmas cards and art projects that bring a very sweet and loving feel to this fun room. 

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