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We offer an array of services and can do as little or as much as you will allow us. 

If you only want your Christmas tree decorated, we are happy to do so! However, we also offer our full design services, shopping, ordering, delivery, assemblage, installation of live and artificial Christmas trees, garlands and greenery of all sizes. We also offer full service take down when the holidays or events are over. 

Would you like to go to work and come home to a fully decorated home? 

We can do that from start to finish.

Do you have sentimental items that you want included or items you love, but have never known what to do with them?

We can integrate existing Christmas decor and family heirlooms or keepsake items into a uniquely personalized holiday design. We can replicate pictures of what you have done in previous years, or we can create fresh displays for you using all new items or arrange your old items in a new way. 

Do you want to start over with a whole new look or does your holiday decor just need an update?

We can help you decide what your style should be, which includes our full design services, as mentioned above, we can select, purchase and deliver any and all holiday items needed. 


*Design time, which includes your initial meeting or any subsequent meetings needed to create/design your project. This would be time spent with Mallory, often including an assistant to help take notes, measure, and brainstorm. Design time is an hourly rate of $100.


*For both Decorating and Take-Down pricing is done by the hour. Depending on the size of the job and crew needed, hourly pricing will vary. Please contact Mallory for an exact hourly price which best fits your job to get it done in the most efficient manor.

*Shopping is an hourly rate of $50. Beginning January 1, 2023 this will increase to an hourly rate of $75

For any more details, specifics or questions, please call Pinecone Designs, we look forward to creating the perfect fit for your home and your family!

***The ONLY thing we will not do is re-string trees. If this service is required you will need to arrange to have your tree re-strung before we arrive. This is due to the extensive time it takes to string a tree properly, and the high demand for our other services during a short holiday time frame.***

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